Mowgli’s Package 8

Duration: 10 nights 11 days

Bird Watching Tour-Trekking-Shivapur National Park-Sundarijal-Wildlife Tour-Royal Chitwan National Park

This 10 night 11 day bird watching package tour takes you trekking in the Shivapur Himalayan National Park in Sundarijal where several specie of alpine birds and am amazing view of the Himalaya can be seen. The birds include several species of Pheasants, Warblers, Flycatchers, Laughing Thrushes, Forktails, Babblers, Eagles and Minlas. The Royal Chitwan National Park is in the low lands of Nepal and is very famous for its birds and wildlife making the visit very worthwhile.
Day One  
  Meet at the airport. Drive to Hotel
  Welcome Drink Check-in Hotel
  Refresh lunch and rest
6: 30 pm Introduction to Nepal and review of trip itinerary
7: 30 pm Dinner at Hotel  
Day Two    
6: 30 am Breakfast  
7: 00 am

Drive to Shivapuri National Park entry gate for the start of the trek. The trail goes up from the access gate to Nagi Gompa and along the jeep track before going up through the mixed oak and scrub at Pani Muhan, a reservoir in the Shivapuri watershed area. Carry on up to Deourali where the views of the Kathmandu Valley are stunning and many fascinating birds can be seen like the Kalij Pheasant, Common Hill Partridge, Booted Eagle, Black Eagle, Stepped Eagle, Laughing Thrush, Sunbird, Forktail, Redstart, Kingfisher and Blackbird. Continue up to the Sipucho Summit at 2730m to see more panoramic views of Himalaya including Manaslu, Langtang, Gosaithan and Gauri Shanker.

1: 00 pm Lunch break
5: 30 pm Overnight at hotel
6: 30 pm Dinner at Hotel
Day Three  
Early morning start to see the sunrise at the viewpoint over the Langtang range
6: 30 am Breakfast  
7: 30 am A gentle climb down from the western ridge of Shivapuri the trail goes through oak forest covered with moss and fern and along the Likhu River valley. Here Flycatchers, Babblers and Warblers can be seen.
1: 00 pm Lunch break  
5: 30 pm Overnight at Kakani  
6: 30 pm Dinner with Gurung Family  


Day Four    
6: 30 am Breakfast  
7: 00 am Back to Kathmandu on the track along the curved ridge through oak forest. The bird along the ridge are several species of Flycatchers, Thrushes, Babblers, Warblers, Redstarts and Eagles.
1: 00 pm Lunch break  
5: 30 pm Overnight at Kathmandu  
6: 30 pm Dinner at Hotel
Day Five  
6: 30 am Breakfast and Leisure time
Day Six    
6.30 am Breakfast at the Hotel  
7:30 am Drive to the Royal Chitwan National Park, the Land of the Rhino  
1:00 pm Refresh Lunch and Rest at the Hotel  
3:00 pm A trip to the visitor information center and a short time bird watching trip.
5:30 pm Refresh, tea and coffee watching the beautiful sunset at the river bank.
6:30 pm Slide presentation of the birds and wildlife in the Royal Chitwan National Park.
8:00 pm Dinner at the Hotel  
Day Seven    
6.30 am Breakfast at the Hotel  
7.00 am A full day, including lunch, exploring inside the Royal Chitwan National Park, walking and bird watching. There are three different types of habitat in the Park, Grasslands, Riverine forest and the moist deciduous forest, which grows along the water courses on the gravel banks. This Park is a well preserved National Conservation Area. The bird watching is fantastic, with the opportunity to see the Great and Pied Hornbill, the Greater Himalayan and Black rumped Flam back, the Small Scarlet Minivet, the Chestnut-bellied and velvet fronted Nuthatch, the Rose-ringed Alexandrine, the Red-breasted and Plum-headed Parakeet, the Chestnut-capped Striped tit, the Striated Slender-billed Babbler, the Jorden Babbler, the Lesser Adjutant Grey-crowned Prinia, the White-browed and White-throated Fantail, several Indian pea-Fowl species of Flycatchers, Bush and leaf Warblers, Eagles, Falcons and Quills. Not only will you see birds but the jungle mammals like Rhino, Deer, and Monkeys can be observed in this environment.
5:30 pm Refresh at the Hotel with tea and coffee, sunset viewing at the river bank and trip evaluation.
7: 00 pm Dinner at the Hotel
Day Eight  
6:30 am Breakfast at the Hotel
7:00 am This day includes a four-wheel drive safari covering all three types of the habitat as well some ox-bow lakes. There will be exciting views from the watchtower where it is possible to see many types of birds including several species of Wood Peckers, Parakeets, Pigeons, Cuckoo Shrikes, Magpies, Babblers, Prinias, Storks, Flycatchers, Eagles, Warblers and Starlings. After lunch at the watchtower we visit the rare Crocodile Breeding Farm. There will be many chances to see large mammals - Rhino, Deer, Sloth Bears, Gaurs, and if you are lucky a Tiger may surprise you by his sudden appearance.
5:30 pm Refresh tea and coffee at the Hotel, trip evaluation and sunset viewing at the river bank.
7:00 pm Dinner at the Hotel.
Day Nine  
6:30 am Breakfast at the Hotel
7:00 am Drive to the Twenty thousand lakes by four-wheel drive. A four hour walk in this area bird watching for several species of forest and water birds such as Storks, Herons, Egrets, Magpies, Grey headed fish Eagles, Brown fish Owls, Greater Himalayan and Black rumped Flamback, Crested serpent Eagle and Woodpeckers, Flycatchers, Warblers and Parakeets. The lake is surrounded by well preserved Sal forest, which is a very famous corridor forest of the Royal Chitwan National Park, it has recently been listed as a RAMSAR site in the Wetland International Convention for its significant importance to the wildlife of Nepal.
12: 00 pm Lunch at the Hotel and Rest.  
3: 30 pm The afternoon begins with an elephant back safari lasting for 1-1/2 hrs. The elephant driver will show you animals such as Rhino, Deer, Wild Boar and maybe even a Tiger. This trip will give you an unforgettable life time experience riding on one of the biggest animals on earth.
7:30 pm Dinner and dancing performed by the malaria resistant indigenous THARU people, who are the largest ethnic group of the Chitwan valley. This evening’s entertainment is very interesting and great fun; please don’t hesitate to join in with them when they invite you to dance.
Day Ten    
6: 30 am Breakfast  
7: 00 am A very peaceful and pleasant morning riding in dugout canoe on the Buddhi Rapti River where you can see Crocodiles and birds including, Ducks, Storks, Hornbill, Parakeets, Woodpeckers, Eagles, Plovers, Coucals and many more. After the river trip we take a short walk to the Elephant breeding center to see the lovely baby elephants before driving back by jeep to the Hotel.
10: 00 am Tea and Coffee at the Hotel  
11: 00 am Flight to Kathmandu about 30 minuets.

11: 30 am Drive to the hotel, Rest
1: 00 pm Lunch break and leisure time
5: 30 pm

Refresh with tea and coffee and trip evaluation.

7: 00 pm Special dinner with Nepali culture program
Day Eleven    
6: 30 am Departure to the airport depending on your flight schedule.


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